Tools - (Audits - Risk Assessments)

Businesses are constantly challenged, changing their processes, equipment and staff to remain competitive and improve productivity. Each change provides new challenges around learning and safety. jobSAFE provides a set of easy to use yet highly effective health and safety tools to keep your business and team safe.

Risk Assessments

Equipment, Location, Process or behavior. Find the risks, implement controls and manage the corrective measures ensuring safe procedures, processes & environments. Set & assign reviews to confirm control completion and effectiveness.



Audits are essential tools for demonstrating the effectiveness of your Heath & Safety systems and key to OH & S compliance.

ACC, Quality, Emergency procedures, HAZOP & others. jobSAFE audits and self assessments (including external parties) log and track finding, define and allocate tasks and review outcomes to confirm your business is compliant. 


Contractor Management

Store key information on your contracting partners. Capture and reporting on key contractor data (incidents, safety observations - safe & unsafe behaviors) gives you the visibility to consult and improve safety outcomes.  

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