Health and safety incident and near miss management

At the core level of jobSAFE sits the incident and near miss reporting module.

In this module users record and report on all workplace incidents, accidents and near misses. The interface is designed to be simple and intuitive with predetermined drop down lists and alerts to ensure all required information is gathered. 

Within the module there is the ability to record corrective actions and assign users to specific follow up actions. Once assigned automated alerts are sent to a selectable list of managers or health and safety staff. Reminder emails of required actions will automatically follow until the issue is closed.
Organisations can manage incidents to completion with confidence that they are keeping all the necessary records. Any documents or images can be attached to the individual incidents removing the paper trail. There is also significant flexibilty within the module with the ability to convert incidents between LTI’s, MTI’s, FA's and Near Misses with a history log that will record all additions & alterations to incidents.

The reporting and search features of this module are outstanding and give management the ability to view workplace health and safety at a micro or macro level. At the push of a button any number of reports can be run based on location, user, accident type, or hazard (to name a few) which gives increased visibilty and real-time information to enhance workplace health and safety.

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