Health and safety hazard management

Hazard Management is crucial for workplace health and safety. jobSAFE provides two methods of hazard management (Classic Hazards & Hazard Hierarchy) letting you choose the system that best suits your business

Classic Hazards

A robust hazard reporting module including a broad range of information gathering tools critical to thorough haelth and safety management.

There is the ability to create controls for these hazards and assign them to specific users. Automated notification processes can be put into place to both the users and their management accountability. Reminder emails can be set up to be sent until an issue is closed.
A great feature of this module is that you can develop a risk matrix for your hazards which will automatically calculate a risk score. You can also print and/or export a hazard register that can be automically populated.

The jobSAFE hazard register allows you to safely manage hazards through to completion.

Hazard Hierachy

A comprehensive, layered approach to hazard management offering far greater input at multiple levels of a business or corporation. Hazards and controls build from a set of Master hazards down through a business to the local hazards resulting in a robust, complete yet easy to read hazard register. 

Master hazard hierarchy is ideal for  the large or Enterprise business with multiple business types and geographies.

Master Hazard hierarchy is perfect for the business that wants to build depth to their hazard descriptions & controls whilst maintaining a clear reporting structure.

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