Let us see if we can answer some of your questions!

Q: Why should I use jobSAFE?

A: Quite simply, jobSAFE will enable you to protect both your business and staff from top to bottom. jobSAFE allows your company to store and manage your core Health & Safety information in one easy to access location. The system has been designed for ease of use from management down and employs some excellent user friendly tools to encourage staff to participate in daily Health and Safety.


Q: Is jobSAFE expensive?

A: Not at all. jobSAFE is a modular system with pricing and modules tailored to each specific client. Regardless of whether your business is one location or has multiple disparate business operations in different geographies jobSAFE will cover all your core Health and Safety requirements.


Q: How do I know my Health and Safety systems are working?

A: jobSAFE comes with a comprehensive range of management tools and reports allowing your health and safety management team and board a clear picture of company involvement, task completions and incident & near miss trends. All information is referenced to rolling historic data giving a clear picture of OH & S progress.


Q: What types of businesses should use jobSAFE?

A: Any business that has an internet connection and Health and Safety requirement. jobSAFE has been designed to fit any size, type and location of business. The user interfaces have been deliberately kept simple to enable busy people to enter the required information with ease whilst ensuring nothing gets over looked or lost.


Q: Can I tailor jobSAFE to suit my business?

A: Absolutely. jobSAFE is a highly configurable platform and every installation is tailored to suite that business or division of. Businesses can choose from range of standard Health and Safety hazards to hazard hierarchy enabling them to build and extensive library of hazards and associated controls that fit their specific business. Incident management can be via standard Health and safety processes or enhanced to include PEEPO functions (People, Environment, Equipment, Process, Organisation) allowing businesses to be sure they are assessing all the factors that go into a successful procedure, management plan, or risk assessment.


Q: Is it difficult to install?

A: Absolutely not. Initial discussions team will decide which features of jobSAFE best suit your business needs, then once all the functionality, including any identified changes has been completed and signed off the system will be put live and our trainers take over. You’re now in control and able to log in and roll out the modules at a speed that suits your team.


Q: What is a cloud-based system?

A: A cloud-based system gives you the ability to log into jobSAFE, anywhere, anytime. It does not require an app and there is no initial installation of programs downloads or required hardware. The jobSAFE Platform is housed in two geographies with constant backup ensuring your information is both safe and secure. It is that simple!


Q: Will jobSAFE inform me of critical safety events?

 A: Yes, once an incident has been loaded into jobSAFE and you are on the email hierarchy, you will be automatically emailed the details including hyperlinks that will directly log you into the jobSAFE event giving full breakdown on what happened and progress.