Build your own SafeStart forms and sign-off procedures

As the business owner or safety manager, providing people the correct start procedures and ensuring their use can be critically important - Our latest digital SafeStart module gives "you" that power. GPS stamping confirms real time logging location for safety response and integrity for Safety Audits

Ensuring your people (staff or contractors) have the best possible start to their day

Once started, winding back the clock isn't always that easy and can lead to unwanted and expensive outcomes.

So why place your people and company at that level of risk?

Whether a team tool box meeting, a personal daily pre-start declaration, a Fork-hoist safety check list, or a specific task form (e.g working alone), your people will now have the relevant form at their fingertips to "Stop and Consider the Task" record appropriate data and submit the Alerts and validation procedures (acknowledge/decline stamps) can be set where management confirmation is required. Excellent for lone & remote workers! 

And all from a mobile phone or tablet

The admin dashboard provides lots of useful tools, (e.g. search archived forms, Acknowledge/Deline forms, view forms, create rules) 

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