Custom Forms - Digital SafeStarts

Ensure your people (staff or contractors) have the best possible start to their day

Whether running a team or working alone, the pre-start meeting gives you or your team the ability to discuss the task at hand and check all is well to complete the task safely. The next important task is recording the contents of that meeting to verify to other parties (as required) your meeting covered the required elements ensuring all the known risks were considered, e.g. tools were adequate for the task, PPE was correct and in a good condition, other parties notified, area cordoned off, spotters in place, etc 

Once started, winding back the clock isn't always that easy and unfortunately can lead to unwanted and expensive outcomes.

So why place your people and company at that level of risk?

Our latest digital SafeStart module gives you the power to deliver exactly what you want your workers & contractors to understand and commit to before taking on those risky tasks.

Now your team leaders can record the PreStart (Tool Box) meeting, sign off as completed and submit for higher verification if required, ensuring everyone has the best start to their day, and all from the mobile phone or tablet.


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