Digital Permit to Work (PtW)

JobSAFE's digital Permit to Work module uses mobility and technology to bring the forms and procedures direct to the Receiver and Issuer fingertips. Mobile devices (Smartphones/Tablets) and internet connection are all that's required. No more queueing or searching for an Issuer, no more paper to deal with. The entire PtW process is digitally managed and stored, saving time, money and improving the user experience. Clients can design, build and modify PtW templates and instantly publish them across the business locations. Submitting and tracking the process is all done digitally and tracked in and easy to follow visual manor. Issuers and Receivers are immediately notified when new actions are submitted.

PtW process follows legislated requirements Issuer Receiver Process - Application, Issue, Validation, Cessation (weather, minor infringement), Suspension and Hotwork cool down 

This is a new Release module  

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