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Sharing our JobSAFE software updates, reasoning behind our system enhancements through to useful safety tips.

Safety Observations - New Feature - Follow-up actions

As we all know, safety at its simplest is largely about identifying and reducing risks

As we carry out our various tasks we’re often unaware of the risks often created by us. Sometimes we shortcut a process or safety procedure and build a bad habit. In time that bad process or habit will eventuate in a near miss or incident. It could involve you or an unwary visitor/bystander.

This is where the Safety Observation play a critical role

Safety Observations become the critically important forward scouts in our safety army, focused on observing, categorising and logging their findings. These observations/findings allow the safety management valuable data and trends that can be used in developing better and improved work practices and plant design. Improving and updating SOP’s

But how do we know our ideas and requested safety actions are heard?

Safety Observation follow-ups (JobSAFE)

JobSAFE’s latest release enables the assignment of follow-up tasks delivered immediately to the right people.
The Safety Observation logger is sent an email updating them with the follow-up completion notes when follow-up actions are completed.

• Builds confidence in the Safety Observation process
• Improved Safety Observations quality
• People will focus on more relevant Safety Observations
• Fast Safety Observation capture and assignment on your mobile device